Charitable Works

Ecumenical Christian Welfare
The United Ecumenical Catholic Church is committed to "practical" demonstrations of Christian care and love. We attempt to help all, as and where we can. One demonstration of this is the welfare work presently being undertaken in Australia by Archbishop Ronald Langham and the local church.
In April of 2002, Bishop Langham, acting in response to a demonstrated need in Sydney's western suburbs, incorporated our welfare arm and opened St. Giles Lodge, a refuge for homeless people with mental health issues.
In February of 2007, ECW opened "Pingaree House", in partnership with the NSW Department of Housing to provide similar services to another 28 people.
In 2009, ECW opened another service - a boarding house for working people in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. This was followed by a similar service in the Eastern Suburbs and another in the the inner-west of Sydney in September of 2013. In all, ECW now provides services around 120 people per night.
Ecumenical Christian Welfare is government approved and tax-exempt. We have been granted "deductible gift recipients" status and welcome your donations of time, talent and money. If you wish to donate to St. Giles Lodge, please follow the link below. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.
To find out more about our welfare services, please click on the logo below.