Religious Orders

Religious (or Consecrated life) has played an important part in church life since the time of the Apostles. Within the UECC we also have groups of individuals who seek to serve Christ in a religious community. Some communities are "traditional" in that the members live in a common house, convent or monastery, some are communities that live in their own homes but share a vision and charism particular to each each group.
At present, the UECC is blessed to have Franciscan Orders based in Australia and the United Kingdom and a Benedictine order based in Australia and New Zealand. All welcome inquiries from persons outside of the UECC, regardless of where you live in the world.

For further information please contact:

The Franciscan Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament - United Kingdom

Ecumenical Order of St Francis- Australia


The Ecumenical Order of St. Benedict (EOSB)